Private Breeders label


We are proud to note that some world renowned dog breeders who are holders of major cynology awards are among our customers.

Dog breeders in Serbia have been using our products for many years now and we are receiving an increasing number of favorable appraisals from abroad.

 Professional dog breeders themselves have helped us over the years in the development of our products. Thanks to their experience and professional approach in dog breeding, they have given us valuable advice and helped us define the requirements a high quality product should meet.

Their frank comments and an exchange of experiences with them enable us to improve our products from day to day.

 Experiences with our products are individual, but the name of our company – Premil – is immediately associated with  Super Sport, one of our best products dedicated to dogs exposed to the most strenuous physical exertion.

 Super Sport contributes to strong muscle definition and darker gums. Because is easily edible and digestible, very soon after a meal, dogs are ready for new challenges. Along with Super Sport, there is an increasing use of the Herbal line of products, specially designed for professional dog breeding.