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"PREMIL" Ltd. was founded in 11.04.1995. and its first Serbian specialized pet food producer. Our production programme comprises separate product lines, such as: Super Premium Product Line - Top Line - which produces 7 super premium products for dogs and 3 for cats; Premium Product Line – Maxi Line - which produces 6 premium products for dogs and 4 for cats; Economy Line which produces the products intended for agricultural pharmacies and hypermarkets which produces 3 economy products for dogs and 1 for cats and Herbal line- brand new line started at 2017. intended for professional breeders.  It consists of 6 products for dogs which are produced with usage of special herbs mixture. The product range of all these lines have been created so as to meet the requirements of all categories of dogs: hyperactive dogs, puppies, young dogs, normally active dogs, older dogs and pregnant bitches.

Herbal line is made to solve some problems such as sterility, small number of dogs in litter, lack of milk at female dog.

Premil employs more than 90 people on a full-time basis. All the company's assets are privately owned.

Its products, that have already become enough well-known to turn into brands, Premil sells through large trading houses (mega markets), but also through specialized shops (pet shops), and veterinary and agricultural pharmacies. Our buyers are top professional dog breeders whose pets win many dog shows in the country and abroad.

For several years now, apart from our own brand our product range also includes private-label (PL) products which we manufacture for the best known, very successful companies.

In late 2008, due to the company's insufficient production capacities and extremely increased demand for its products, in co-operation with the Vobra company from the Netherlands and under the watchful eye and with the help of the Dutch Government, within the PSOM Project, Premil started the construction of the new production plant and purchased larger-capacity machines. Since autumn 2012, the products that had previously won the markets owing to their top quality have been manufactured using the new and modern equipment in our newly built plant in Kovin. We owe an enormous debt of gratitude to EVD, the Dutch government agency, and to Mr Arie Bijl for their unselfish support in this for us very huge and serious undertaking. During all these years to the present day, during the occasional visits of EVD representatives we hear that we are one of their most successful projects.

In 2013. we accepted to distribute one more brand beside our own. It is the German "Josera" dog and cat food.  We have become their brand representative for Serbia, FYR Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Since its beginning, Premil has been aware of the fact that only serious work and high-quality products can secure one's strong position on the market, and because of that the company keeps relying upon the long-standing trustworthy suppliers, top-quality raw materials and exclusively natural ingredients. We were among the first companies (in the industry) to complete the ISO 9001 and HACCP certification process and obtain the Quality Austria Certification as early as 2008. In 2013 we also introduced the demanding food safety standard FSSC 22000.

Because of increased demand of our products, in Spring 2018. Premil has started with new investment- we are building new factory with higher capacity.

Our company is on the list of approved facilities and has a license for exporting to markets of EU, countries of the CEFTA agreement as well as the countries of the Customs Union.

Our objective is improving continuously our products, expanding the product range of PREMIL brand as well as conquering foreign markets.

All these years we have been paying greatest attention to the quality of our products, which is the responsibility of the team comprising top technologists, veterinarians and breeders. A proof of our products' quality lies in the fact that we are also the supplier of the Serbian gendarmerie; as for recognition, we have won many awards and charters such as the CHARTER OF THE POŽAREVAC REGIONAL CHAMBER OF COMMERCE for the results achieved in business operations, and the NOVI SAD FAIR GOLD MEDAL for quality products.

Premil has also won the CAPTAIN MIŠA ANASTASIJEVIĆ AWARD twice rewarded by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for the best brand, product quality and the application of the international standards in business operations. In an extremely tough contest, with over 500 small and medium-sized enterprises, that was organised by Pro Credit Bank, Premil won the PRO BUSINESS LEADER title in the group of small enterprises.

With our slogan MAXIMUM QUALITY, MINIMUM PRICE, and owing to our professional approach and dedication to work, we have gained the necessary respect of our buyers which has enabled us to survive and spread our sales network on the markets  already won by the globally recognized and acknowledged pet food manufacturers.